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Maps of Portugal

  • The best tourist cities in the Norte region of Portugal mapped on a Norte regional map with lodging recommendations.

  • Map of the Centro region showing the cities and places to visit on your center of Portugal vacation.

  • The Schist Villages of central Portugal make a wonderful travel destination for active travelers as well as folks who just want to have a relaxing time in a place steeped with tradition.

  • Map of the Alentejo region of Portugal showing the top cities to visit in this rural region east of Lisbon.

  • Interactive map of Faro Airport, Aeroporto de Faro, and information for arriving in Faro, the capital of the Algarve region in Portugal.

  • Map of Portugal showing the mainland regions for travel planning.

  • The Algarve region and its beaches are a top tourism destination in Portugal. Our map shows the best cities to visit.

  • Map and travel guide of the Minho territory in the Norte region of Portugal.

  • Map of pubic transportation routes in Portugal for intercity and local trains, and urban and suburban trains and buses.