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  • Madeira Islands Travel Guide

    The Madeira Islands, known for their wine, colorful gardens, stunning coastlines and more, make a fine destination for wandering travelers.

  • Chaves Travel Guide

    Chaves is a spa town in the extreme north of Portugal, near the border with Spain.

  • Ponte de Lima Travel Guide

    Ponte de Lima is Portugal’s oldest town, with a beautiful historic center to visit.

  • Sintra Map and Travel Guide

    Sintra, a UNESCO heritage site, is a popular day trip from Lisbon.

  • How Big is Portugal?

    How big is Portugal? See it on a map overlaid upon a map of the United States and find out population and other statistics about Portugal.

  • Guimarães Travel Guide

    Travel guide to Guimarães in the Norte region of Portugal, Portugal’s first capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved medieval center.

  • Vinho dos Mortos: Wine of the Dead and Chaves

    The Norte region of Portugal has a unique wine called Vinho dos Mortos, wine of the dead. Make the pilgrimage, then continue the itinerary to the border town of Chaves.

  • Bom Jesus Sanctuary

    Visit Portugal’s most photographed church outside of the town of Braga in the north of Portugal.

  • Miranda do Douro Travel Guide

    Guide to the small border village of Miranda do Douro, a whitewashed village with a great cathedral, wonderful folk museum, and a castle. And the steaks are thick…

  • Roman ruins of São Cucufate Visiting Guide

    Visit São Cucufate, the interesting ruins of a Roman farm reused as a monastery in the middle ages, then take advantage of the countryside and wines of the Beja province of the Alentejo region.