Weather and Historic Climate in Portugal

Portugal is an interesting choice for the summer traveler. Portugal’s position on the west coast of the Iberian peninsula is responsible for mild summer temperatures and little rain except for the occasional shower in the north. In winter, the northwest of Portugal is first to receive winter storms—and they can be intense. Further south, the frequency of rain drops to around 2 days a week or less for regions like the Algarve and Alentejo.

Portugal Weather Map

The interactive map below allows you to access the weather and historic climate data charts for the listed cities, just click a city and you’ll be taken to the appropriate data to help you plan your Portugal Vacation.

The labels in green indicate the five traditional, administrative regions of Portugal that exist on the mainland. Two others are the Island groups of the Azores and Madeira.

faro weather and climate information sagras weather and climate graphs Lisbon Weather and climate graphs Evora climate and weather charts Porto weather and climate information Penhas Douradas weather and climate information Coimbra weather and climate information braganca weather and climate page Viano do Castello weather and climate information

Links to Weather and Climate Data

Here are text links to the same cities, from north to south by region:

Norte: Viana do Castelo | Braganca | Porto

Centro: Coimbra | Penhas Douradas

Lisboa: Lisbon

Alentejo: Evora

Algarve: Sagres | Faro

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Sagres Weather and Historic Climate

Sagres, at the edge of Europe in the Algarve region of Portugal, shows both Atlantic and Mediterranean influences in its weather. The daily temperature ranges are quite narrow throughout the year, and summer temperatures are quite moderate. Rainfall is sparse, with most of it coming in the winter months, as you can see from the climate charts below.

Average Temperatures for Sagres

Notice the narrow temperature range that produces almost ideal conditions in summer, when tourists flock to the Algarve for sun and sea.

sagres portugal average high and low temperatures

Sagres Precipitation

Due to its southerly location in Portugal, Sagres precipitation falls mostly as rain in the mild winter, which can often be foggy.

sagres average rainfall

We hope these weather and climate charts help you plan a vacation in Sagres or the Algarve region.

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Penhas Douradas Weather and Climate

Penhas Douradas, at 4547 feet above sea level, is the place to go in the summer to cool down, as you can see from the average temperature chart below. Why else come to Penhas Douradas? Well the stunning views from the ridgetops in the Serra da Estrela Nature Park, laced with hiking trails, might do the trick (Penhas Douradas is named after some granite outcrops that give off a golden glow when the sun sets). Get a room at the newly refurnished Casa das Penhas Douradas and you can hike and kayak to your heart’s content.

Average Temperatures for Penhas Douradas

As you can see, the summer temperatures are moderated by the altitude of Penhas Douradas, and are quite pleasant, even in August.

penhas douradas average temperatures chart

Penhas Douradas Average Precipitation

Winters are quite wet in the mountains, as you can see from the rainfall chart below.

penhas douradas rainfall chart

We hope this information helps you to plan a trip to Penhas Douradas and the Serra da Estrela Nature Park.

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Porto, Portugal Weather and Climate

Porto’s weather is moderated by its location on the Atlantic. Although Porto’s temperature range is similar to Lisbon, Porto has twice as much rain in the rainy season than Lisbon, due to its location in the north of Portugal. Between June and September, Porto is pretty warm, and the chance of rain is slight.

Porto Average Temperatures

Take a look at the average temperatures throughout the year for Porto, Portugal. Summer days are warm, and the night time temperature is quite pleasant. The current conditions for Porto are shown in the widget to the right.

porto historic high and low temperatures

Porto Precipitation (Mostly Rainfall)

Below is the average precipitation during the year in Porto, Portugal

porto precipitation, porto rainfall

We hope this weather and historic climate information helps you plan your trip to Porto, Portugal.

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Lisbon Weather and Historic Climate

Lisbon is blessed with a mild climate, and is especially nice in the summer months, when European inland temperatures are soaring. Don’t expect rain during the months of July and August in Lisbon—attend a festival or head for the nearby beaches at will.

Lisbon Average Temperatures

Below is a chart of the average historic temperatures for Lisbon, Portugal.

lisbon historic high and low temperatures

Lisbon Average Precipitation (Rainfall)

Note the sharp drop in rainfall in the summer months.

Lisbon historic precipitation, lisbon rainfall

We hope these weather and climate charts help you plan your trip to Lisbon.


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