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Portugal has a fine cuisine—but it’s almost unknown to Americans (compare and contrast the number of fine Italian restaurants in a major city to Portuguese ones and you’ll know what I’m talking about). I’m compiling a list of blogs devoted to Portuguese food and wine, and if there’s a good rss feed available, you’ll see some select headlines from these sites at the bottom of this post. Check back frequently. Headlines change!

In addition to the Food Blogs listed here, there are some other sources of information on Portuguese food and wine without rss feeds. SBS food offers a section on Portugese Recipes and Portuguese Cuisine and CataVino offers great food and wine information on Iberia.

A book I highly recommend for travelers planning a vacation in Portugal based around food and wine is: The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal. It’s not a guidebook you’d want to take along with you, but it has good information and is lavishly illustrated; you’ll want to go even if you’re not sure Portugal is right for you.

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Taste Portugal

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