Eels and Aveiro

This is pretty much a public service message for those of you who’ve developed a taste for eel. There’s not much place in the United states where one might actually acquire such a taste outside of Japanese restaurants, so I am thinking I’m speaking to a very select group of people here.

Eel is a staple in Sardinia, especially at festival time. Comacchio, an Italian city on the Adriatic coast also harvested great numbers of them in the recent past.

But Aveiro also had a past enlivened by the squirming, snake-like creature.

Fishermen in Aveiro are participating in environmental conservation measures to help restore the sustainability of a once economically valuable species: the European eel. Their participation is allowing researchers to go further and faster in their study and giving fishermen a role in assessing eels stocks, and a voice in proposing conservation measures. ~ A future for the eel, fishermen and researchers cooperate

The homey tavern/restaurant called A Tasca do Confrade serves the traditional caldeirada de enguias (eel stew). It’s one of their specialties. Here:

caldeirada de enguias pictureCaldeirada de Enguias (eel stew)

It was quite good. It was preceded with:

fried eels aviero pictureFried Eels at A Tasca do Contrade in Aviero, Portugal

I’d say A Tasca do Confrade is doing its part in bringing eel to the attention of hungry folks in Aveiro. It’s on Rua dos Marnotos, 34. Highly recommended.

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